Itching is a common sensation that we experience daily. Itching in and of itself is not a problem. However, when itching occurs in an area like the vagina or vulva, the sensation can be more than a little frustrating. There is no predicting when vaginal itching may occur, how intense it will be, or how long it will last. The sudden itch, especially if in public, can cause you to shift in your seat and try to “breathe through it.” If vaginal itching is something you experience often, you want to know what may be causing it and how you can make it go away.



There are several reasons why your vagina may itch occasionally. The external skin or lining of the vagina can get irritated by a new laundry soap or fabric softener, by a new soap or other body product. Itching may be caused by underwear or clothing rubbing the skin or by friction during sexual intercourse. External skin may be sensitive to changes in weather, as well, just skin on more exposed parts of the body. If itching is something new for you or occurs only periodically, wear loose-fitting clothing, and consider avoiding new products for a few days to see if the itching goes away.


A yeast infection may be one of the most common and uncomfortable infections a woman can experience. Sometimes, the only symptom that occurs is intense itching. Usually, women are told that a yeast infection will cause thick vaginal discharge, so itching alone may not be seen as a sign of infection. Itching may also occur as a result of bacterial vaginosis. With this infection, a woman may also notice a foul odor or grey-ish discharge. If it is obvious that itching is caused by a yeast infection, over-the-counter medication can resolve the issue. Bacterial vaginosis requires antibiotic treatment, so you would need to see your gynecologist.


The vaginal tissue and external genitalia are estrogen-sensitive. When estrogen levels vacillate then plummet during menopause, the vagina responds. During this time, blood flow also decreases, causing vaginal atrophy and thinning skin. This can lead to painful intercourse, burning, and an increased risk for infection and skin conditions like lichen sclerosis, all of which cause itching. To manage the itching, a woman may try using lubrication during intercourse and a vaginal moisturizer for daily itching. In this instance, Co2RE Intima laser vaginal rejuvenation may also be beneficial. This minimally invasive, comfortable treatment increases blood flow and collagen in the vaginal lining and vulva to minimize the effects of vaginal atrophy.

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