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It is the intent of our specially-trained medical staff to provide women and, when necessary, their partners, with the private, ethical, and personable medical care they need from a gynecologist. Our OBGYN physicians and nursing team have direct training and experience in the provision of gynecological diagnostic and treatment services, including family planning and women’s health conditions.

Our entire OBGYN team seeks to ensure each patient’s timely care, confidentiality, and comfort through care that is tailored to personal needs and preferences. Ancillary services including ultrasound, bone density scanning, and laboratory and radiology testing are incorporated into treatment planning as needed. These services are easily accessible to our patients at nearby facilities.

River Oaks Gynecology and Aesthetics in Houston TX has a goal of being known for a high standard of excellence in service to our OBGYN patients’ health and wellness.

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Gynecological Care

The highly-trained OBGYN professionals in our Houston TX office have extensive education to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of conditions and diseases that may impact a woman’s health. We provide the most up-to-date diagnostic testing and advanced treatment options in an environment that supports emotional and physical comfort. Our patients’ peace of mind is a priority.

Each gynecologist, obstetrician and OBGYN specialist in our practice has demonstrated passion throughout their medical training and career, performing gynecological surgeries, treatment protocols for hormone imbalance, and helping patients overcome challenging gynecological conditions.

Our core motivation is to provide patients with exceptional OBGYN care that meets their needs in a relevant and successful way.

Our Gynecology Services Include

Women’s Health Services

There is a wide range of women’s health issues that are best managed by a gynecologist. Our staff has extensive training to establish an in-depth record of patients’ reproductive and sexual health. Women’s health services are performed to assess and monitor the ongoing changes that a woman’s body undergoes throughout the natural biological aging process.

Annual Woman Health Exams

Annual well-woman visits to a gynecologist should begin between the ages of 13 and 15. Early health exams may involve little more than recording weight and other vital factors and discussing women’s health matters such as menstruation and necessary immunizations. After age 21 or when a woman becomes sexually active, annual pap smears and other diagnostics may begin. Our OBGYN staff follows screening guidelines to ensure women receive the proper screenings based on age, medical history, and lifestyle.

Breast Evaluations

Routine breast examinations are integral to a woman’s ongoing health and wellness. An aspect of periodic women’s wellness visits with an OBGYN is a brief but thorough breast evaluation. These in-office exams with a gynecologist involve gentle palpation of breast tissue through which even small-sized lumps or irregularities may be discovered. Breast evaluations are performed at each annual wellness visit and may be followed by a mammogram or other imaging if an abnormality is found.

Hormone Evaluations

Heavy, painful periods, acne breakouts before or after menstruation, indigestion, vaginal dryness, and night sweats are just a few of the indications that a woman’s hormones may be out of balance. Hormone evaluations by a gynecologist allow us to observe the true level of each hormone in a woman’s blood at the time of testing. Accurate measurements of hormone levels can guide treatment planning, such as the prescription of bioidentical hormones for optimal health and wellness.

Cholesterol Screening

Women have a particular risk of heart disease. A cholesterol screening may be included in an annual OBGYN wellness exam as a method of monitoring the levels of High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides, and total cholesterol in the blood. This screening is critical because there are no symptoms related to high cholesterol.

Thyroid Screening

Women are more likely than men to have low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroid). Without sufficient thyroid hormone secretion into the body, a woman may experience nonspecific symptoms such as dry skin, irregular heartbeat, and fuzzy thinking. Because the thyroid gland is involved in numerous biological processes, it is necessary for healthcare providers to measure function on a periodic basis or when symptoms need to be explored.

STD Screening

Every woman who is sexually active is at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. However, screening is not a routine part of the annual well-woman exam. Women who have multiple partners, have not used protection consistently, or suspect they may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease should speak with their gynecologist. We partner with our patients to determine the extent of testing that is appropriate for them.

Vitamin Screening

In recent years, we have become much more aware of the role that nutritional optimization plays in physical health and wellness. Vitamin screenings can provide valuable information about a woman’s levels of crucial vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium, and how much supplementation, if any, is needed.

Mobility Screening

Research has identified mobility disability as a major public health concern among the aging population. More than half of adults over age 65 have some degree of difficulty climbing steps, walking more than a few tenths of a mile, or getting in and out of a car. Mobility screening helps physicians recognize a patient’s risk and also the value of preventative intervention before mobility severely declines.

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