The mission of SkinCeuticals is to improve skin health. SkinCeuticals is dedicated and makes one simple promise, which is why we use SkinCeuticals here at River Oaks Gynecology and Aesthetics here in Houston. That one promise is to provide advanced skincare backed by science.

Born from decades of skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants, SkinCeutical’s high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin. Come in for a consultation and custom skin care regimen of SkinCeuticals from our skin care experts today.

Made in the USA, SkinCeuticals clinical skincare is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures. We formulate to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.


What is SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals is a wholly different approach to skin care. It combines elements of medical and prescriptive skin care with cosmetic skin care. SkinCeuticals says its mission is “to provide advanced skincare that’s backed by science.”

SkinCeuticals was founded in 1997 based upon decades of research on the science of skin and aging. The original product was a natural form of vitamin C, known as L-ascorbic acid, combined with ferulic acid, phloretin, and vitamin E. This product proved to help brighten the skin and repair DNA damage as well as eradicate oxidative stress. From this beginning, SkinCeuticals developed an assortment of high potency formulas that are based on a combination of antioxidants. These are concentrated in pure “actives” that are proven to penetrate optimally into the skin.

What skin issues is SkinCeuticals used to treat?

SkinCeuticals has the mission at its core to prevent, correct, and protect the skin. There aren’t any skin problems, short of medical dermatology needs, that SkinCeuticals can’t treat. At River Oaks Gynecology and Aesthetics, we use SkinCeuticals products to treat fine lines and wrinkles, adult acne, skin hydration, rosacea, pigmentation issues, eye bags and under eye circles, and skin sensitivity.

The great thing about SkinCeuticals is that each product has very specific targets based on the skin condition, skin type, and the category (such as exfoliants or antioxidants).


Office-based chemical peels are essential for maintaining skin’s health and appearance and they are available exclusively through an authorized SkinCeuticals skincare professional. Come in or call ROGA today to speak with a SkinCeutical skincare professional or visit our Facials page.  These peels work synergistically with SkinCeuticals home care to yield optimal results.


  • Helps reduce visible signs of photoaging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone and dullness by exfoliating surface cells
  • Softens and smoothes the skin’s surface texture
  • Decreases the frequency of acne breakouts and fades the appearance of post-acne discoloration
  • Maintains and enhances the benefits of a SkinCeuticals homecare regimen
  • Complements benefits of in-office procedures



Here at ROGA in Houston our SkinCeuticals skincare professional have access to exclusive treatment products that can be used to customize any facial treatment. Available through authorized SkinCeuticals skincare professionals, these targeted solutions complement SkinCeuticals professional peels and in-office procedures to optimize the health and beauty of skin.


  • Enhances the benefits of a SkinCeuticals homecare regimen and any in-office chemical peel
  • Tightens and detoxifies the look and feel of skin
  • Restores the appearance of firmness and a youthful radiant complexion


Are there at-home SkinCeuticals treatments available?

All of the SkinCeuticals clinical skincare products are to be used at home. They are part of our River Oaks patients’ daily home skincare regimen. Our skincare experts at River Oaks provide consultations on the best SkinCeuticals to match your skin, and we offer these at our offices on Westheimer Road in Houston.

There are other products from SkinCeuticals that are not available for home use. These are the SkinCeuticals professional chemical peels and facial treatments, which work in complement with the products for your home skincare use. We provide these treatments at ROGA.

How often should I use these products?

These products run the gamut from daily use moisturizers and cleansers to our professional chemical peels such as the MicroPeel, which are only meant to be done a few times annually.

Our aesthetician, Nicole Dorsey, will conduct your skin consultation. She’ll walk you through what your daily skincare regimen should be to achieve the skin quality you seek, and she will detail the SkinCeuticals products you could choose to use for this.

The majority of these products can be used just about every day to protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Are there any side effects associated with SkinCeuticals products or treatments?

Ferulic acid is an ingredient throughout the SkinCeuticals line. This is a safe ingredient for most skin types and people. But those with sensitive skin may not tolerate some products as well. People allergic to bran or oatmeal may experience an allergic reaction to ferulic acid serums. Symptoms tend to be mild and may include redness, swelling, itching, rash, and peeling.

Overall, however, these products are very beneficial for the skin and have little to no risk in their use.

How long will my results from SkinCeuticals skincare products last?

Our chemical peels and facials can provide results lasting for months. Plus, they tend to work as a complement to the products you’re using at home. As any woman knows, skincare is an ongoing, daily process. This isn’t something to do once and come back in a month. If you want glowing, vibrant skin that resists the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, antioxidants, and effects of natural aging, you need to adopt a skincare regimen that you follow religiously. Once you see the improvement in your skin, you’ll surely then say, “Amen!”

Patient Testimonials:

  • “Beautiful office space and convenient parking. Nicole, the front desk lady, was super helpful with the scheduling process. Melissa Cordell is excellent! Super friendly, made me feel very comfortable during the exam and answered all my questions thoroughly. So glad I found you guys!” – G.A.
  • “Great place if you want flawless skin! Friendly and professional staff, relaxing environment and great prices and packages.” – S.S.
  • “Highly trained & skilled staff in both OBGYN & Aesthetics. Always having the most modern technology for skin care & body contouring. Beautiful facility & located in the gorgeous River Oaks District!” – A.W.

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