Millions of people who had grown weary of trying to banish bad fat from a part of their body cheered for joy when CoolSculpting gained FDA approval. Since doctors first began offering this nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, several million procedures have been performed. Before and After pictures are quite impressive. Having seen them, you may be wondering if you should finally schedule your CoolSculpting treatment. We know what might be holding you back. Not knowing what to expect, many people procrastinate getting the treatment that could help them feel better in their own skin. We’re going to cover those details here.


Not every person is a good candidate for CoolSculpting. To determine if this treatment is right for you, your doctor will conduct a consultation and brief physical exam. This preliminary step observes how much fat reduction is necessary and what kind of fat a person has. CoolSculpting can be an excellent method of reducing superficial fat. It is not as effective at targeting the deep visceral fat that lies near the intestines. Performing a thorough pre-treatment assessment, a skilled provider can develop a customized treatment plan to address your unique concerns.

CoolSculpting treatments may be performed on areas including the abdomen, back, upper arms, banana roll, thighs, on bra fat, and under the chin.


Often, CoolSculpting treatment can be conducted immediately after the consultation is complete. The duration of treatment may vary based on the area of concern. Some sessions take only about 30 minutes, while others can take over an hour. This detail is discussed before treatment begins.

CoolSculpting treatment delivers cold temperatures to subcutaneous fat. It does so by securing a small “roll” of tissue between cooling panels. Patients have described sensations of mild pinching, tugging, stinging, tingling, intense cold, and cramping during the first few minutes of their treatment. After a short time, though, nerves go numb and these sensations go away. For the remainder of the time, patients sit back and work, read or just relax.


During CoolSculpting treatment, freezing temperature causes crystals to form in the fat cells. The cells then die and get eliminated in the lymph. This process is referred to as cryolipolysis. Immediately following treatment sessions, side effects may be noticeable. These include bruising, skin firmness, swelling, redness, tingling or stinging, aching, cramping, tenderness, and itching. Patients who have undergone CoolSculpting to get rid of a double-chin sometimes report a sensation of fullness at the back of the throat.

The results of CoolSculpting occur gradually throughout several weeks after treatment. Because fat-reduction happens naturally and progressively, it can be difficult to notice a big difference. This is one of the reasons we often take pictures of before the first treatment and several weeks or months after the final treatment; to show patients what they have achieved.

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