In general, it can be difficult to lose weight and keep it off. This year, the challenge has become very real, with many people unable to engage in their normal workouts at the gym. Working out at home takes a lot more motivation for many of us, and let’s not forget the stress-eating that may have gone on over the past few months. If you’re feeling anxious to drop the pounds that you’ve gained recently, or are tired of the struggle to get rid of stubborn fat, you may be interested to learn what medical weight loss can do for you.

Studies have shown that the fastest way to lose weight is to do so under the supervision of a doctor. River Oaks Gynecology and Aesthetics is proud to offer physician-certified weight loss programs that are personalized to each patient based on science. With medical weight loss, you lose weight while learning how to keep it off for the long-haul.


Medical weight loss is a clinically-proven approach that involves a thorough medical examination, body composition, metabolism assessment, and other tests as needed. After discussing patient concerns and goals and analyzing them alongside test results, we then tailor a weight loss plan just for you. Each weight loss plan has three distinct phases, including:

  • Active weight loss. Your medical weight loss program does not involve a particular meal plan or food that you must purchase from us. You are given a calorie objective based on how many calories you burn, and you are helped along by either lipotropic vitamin B12 injections or with an HCG diet. Some patients utilize both techniques.
  • Once you’ve begun to progress toward your goal weight, we teach you how to keep it off for good. During the transition phase, HCG and B12 injections stop and your body takes over. By this point, you have made significant changes in your calorie intake and output and are ready to manage your weight with education and good habits alone.
  • When you’ve hit your goal weight, you are assisted by our trained staff on how to maintain full control of your daily habits so you continue to look and feel great for years to come.

Medical weight loss is not an easy way out. It could be the leg up you need to achieve your goals. For more information, call (713) 955-6560 and schedule a consultation in our Houston office.