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What You Need to Know about Laser Tattoo Removal

As popular as tattoos have become in recent years, there continue to be situations in which the desire is to remove ink from a particular area of the body. Maybe you haven’t changed your stance on tattoos altogether, but that random Latin phrase on your forearm just doesn’t suit you anymore. It is for reasons such as this that many people consider taking some action. In some cases, that action is to have an unwanted tattoo covered by additional ink. More often lately, we are seeing people take action to remove ink altogether. We’re happy to help patients in the Houston area with laser tattoo removal.

About Laser Tattoo Removal

The way that tattooing works is by inserting tiny colored particles into the dermis. The depth of insertion is superficial enough to prevent absorption but not so much that ink seeps out. Historically, it has been tough to affect ink once it has settled into tissue. Lightening creams could damage the skin without actually achieving the desired outcome. As an alternative, several manufacturers developed laser devices with the appropriate wavelengths of light to disrupt pigment beneath the epidermis.

We perform laser tattoo removal with a precise Q-Switch laser from Lumenis. During each treatment, pulses of high-powered energy are directed to pigmented particles. The absorption of light occurs so rapidly during treatment that it incites a photo-thermal effect in each chromophore of pigment. This photo-thermal heating expands the pigment, which generates its own tiny shock wave that ultimately causes each pigment particle to fragment, or break apart. It is this gradual fragmentation that allows pigment to make its way to the surface to be faded and shed.

Safe and Effective Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston

During the early days of laser tattoo removal, dark pigments created a challenge for the best available devices. The Lumenis Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser has been tested and used clinically on even dark tattoos and demonstrated a high level of success related to the five spot sizes of laser energy. Additionally, the use of a top-hat beam profile disperses thermal energy to reduced hot-spots.

Laser tattoo removal can lighten a tattoo to facilitate new ink, or it can eliminate pigment for clearer skin. Get the results you want with help from our experienced team. Call 713-955-6560 to schedule your consultation.