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Want to Boost Your Health in 2018? Consider These Tips!

Every new year, we cannot help but look ahead with a renewed sense of motivation. Generally speaking, many of the goals that are set at this time of year revolve around looking better and padding our wallet. As a premier gynecology and aesthetics center in Houston, one of our priorities is helping our patients make the most out of every moment. Here, we offer a few tips that may help you boost your health, so every moment is filled with energy and clarity.

  1. Get mindful. Some people mistakenly perceive mindfulness as some spiritual practice. There are very clear physical and mental benefits of being more mindful, or aware of the sensations in the body and thoughts in mind. These include improved stress response and even boosted immunity.
  2. Get checked. Annual well-woman visits are integral to long-term health and vitality. We have made it our business to care for the needs of women in our local community by providing personal care for gynecological needs. Breast and cervical cancer screenings are just the beginning of the care a woman needs on a routine basis. In addition to visiting our comfortable office, also make sure you call your dentist for that cleaning and checkup you need to keep your smile healthy and gorgeous.
  3. Move more. You don’t need to overdo it at the gym to sustain health, though moderate exercise a few days a week does a body good. When we say move more, what we mean is to sit less throughout the day. An hour-long workout in the morning cannot counteract 8 hours of sitting at a desk. Get up every 30 to 45 minutes for a short walk. This will decrease the risk of varicose veins and has also been said to promote focus.
  4. Go ahead, eat that chocolate. What are we on this earth for if not to enjoy a few pleasures, right? Of course, there are limitations, and there is also a caveat that we need to mention. The darker versions of chocolate have higher antioxidant content, which makes them a relatively healthy snack. A small piece of dark chocolate every day can have a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart health in general.

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