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Tips to Maintain Your Ideal Weight This Season

There’s so much to love about this time of year, and yet there is something that many women also fear. The holiday season is one of joy, revelry, and food. That last bit can get a little tricky. Social gatherings are a mecca of delectables in which we can easily forget the promise we have made to maintain a healthy diet. Not to worry. We’ve got a few tips that can help you ease your way through them all with grace, fortitude, and a hefty dose of self-compassion (for those times you slip up).

Studies show that people gain approximately 5 pounds from November to January. Ouch! To keep weight gain to a minimum, try these strategies:

  • Eat a normal, balanced diet even on special event days. If you have a big dinner party you’re looking forward to, you may be tempted not to eat beforehand. This causes a drop in blood sugar that both slows metabolism (which means less fat is burned) and increases appetite (setting the stage for overeating).
  • Have a snack before parties. This will keep the metabolism running and also diminish cravings.
  • Allow a treat at parties, but limit yourself. If multiple delicacies look yummy, take a small bite of each for the best of both worlds.
  • Limit alcohol. There are 85 calories in a glass of wine. A 12-oz bottle of beer contains 150. Talk about drinking your calories! What’s more, one of the effects that alcohol has on us is to decrease our resilience to resist temptations like snacks, cookies, and more alcohol.
  • Studies show that the average person needs about 7 1/2 hours of sleep each night. This stays in line with the natural circadian rhythm. When we skimp on sleep, we invite stress hormones out to play, which increases appetite and decreases the fullness we feel from food.
  • Manage stress. The holidays are supposed to be joyous. But they do bring a certain amount of stimulation into our lives. When you start to feel the stress, take a break. Go for walks to reduce the chances of becoming overly stressed. Do breathing exercises. Talk to friends.

As we mentioned, it is also necessary to have compassion with yourself for the next few months. We may all slip up on our diets now and then. For those near our Houston office, this doesn’t have to be hugely impactful. Once the holidays are over, pop on by our office to learn more about our medical weight loss program or CoolSculpting. If you want to book now, call 713.955.6560.