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Testosterone Plays an Important Role in Women’s Health

We have historically heard about the effects that testosterone has on a man’s body. Did you also know that a woman’s body makes this androgen hormone? Testosterone is made in the adrenal glands as well as the ovaries. Only small amounts are needed, but testosterone level correlates to sex drive, energy, mood, and much more.

Some of the functions supported by testosterone include:

  • Bone health. Too little testosterone can affect bone formation, according to a review published in Clinical Interventions in Aging. Without sufficient testosterone, a woman has a greater risk of osteoporosis.
  • Cognitive health. A piece published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported that woman gain neuroprotective effects from healthy testosterone levels. One study demonstrated a lower level of testosterone (and estrogen) in postmenopausal women with Alzheimer’s disease than women in a control group.
  • Sexual health. When we think of sex, we think of our unique sex hormones. For women, we mustn’t discount testosterone and its relevance to sex drive. Testosterone literally drives sexual thought, fantasy, and desire.
  • Long-term physical mobility. It is widely recognized that men have more muscle mass than women, on average. This is because men have hundreds of times more testosterone in their blood! When a woman’s testosterone is lower than her normal range of 2-45 ng/dL, her risk of bone and muscle deterioration is significantly higher. Supporting adequate testosterone helps a woman retain the bone and muscle mass, flexibility, and mobility she will rely on to lead a happy life well past middle age.

Testosterone Replacement Supports Women’s Health and Wellness

Many women are concerned that supplementing to offset low levels of testosterone will cause side effects. When side effects have been noted with testosterone therapy for women, they have correlated with improper dosing. Hormone replacement therapy has evolved quite a bit over the past decade. We now know that women respond well to only a fraction of the testosterone a man would need for optimal physical, sexual, and cognitive function. Furthermore, hormones are now available in biocompatible forms that are made from plant extracts that mimic the molecular model of each hormone being replaced. Bioidentical hormones don’t just boost levels, they match the structure of the hormones your body already makes.

We are pleased to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to our Houston patients that follows a strict protocol for screening and follow-up to maintain the precise level of therapy needed for each individual. Learn more about testosterone replacement. Schedule your consultation at 713.955.6560.