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Reasons to Stop Putting off Lip Fillers

During our recent promotion, many patients kissed flat, thin lips goodbye along with the year that is now well behind us. As we move forward into the new year, it is our desire to help patients in the Houston area finally feel the way they want. We understand that many people procrastinate when it comes to getting cosmetic treatments, even those that are as simple as lip fillers. Here, we discuss what lip fillers are, why they’re safer than ever, and why it’s time to stop putting off the look you want.

What are lip fillers?

For the skin to be moist and plump, it must be hydrated. Over time, the moisture that naturally supports voluminous, radiant skin decreases. This is because the natural moisture-holder, hyaluronic acid, becomes depleted with age. The body simply doesn’t make it as it once did. As scientific research has honed in on the immense value of hyaluronic acid, we have seen this ingredient pop up front and center on many skincare products. The thing is, this acid has particle sizes that are too large to penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin. That’s why we inject hyaluronic acid in the form of a dermal filler.

When dermal fillers introduce hyaluronic acid beneath the skin, each particle of the acid calls in up to one thousand water molecules. The particles combine to stay in place for months at a time. So, when a lip filler is injected, volume and definition come from water.

The Safety of Lip Fillers

When performed by a qualified, certified professional, lip fillers are much more advantageous than dangerous. Because the body makes hyaluronic acid naturally, the substance is happily accepted by dermal tissue. Over a period of months, hyaluronic acid breaks down. This can be reassuring on its own, but there’s more. If for some reason a patient did not like having fillers, an enzyme can be injected to accelerate the dissolution of hyaluronic acid particles.

Safety is a primary concern for us, as we suspect it is for most of our patients. As nicely as the body accepts hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, the skill of the injector is also paramount. Every now and then, stories of fillers-gone-wrong alert us to the importance of choosing a trained professional to conduct this treatment. Not only does our staff have the necessary training, but they also have a years-long background of using fillers and continuing to educate themselves about new products and uses.

Understandably, lip enhancement is not something to jump into without adequate vetting. However, in good hands, this treatment can achieve outstanding results. Contact our Houston office at 713.955.6560 to schedule a consultation where you can learn about the newest lip fillers as well as our experience in using these products.