Vaginal Rejuvenation Houston, TX

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation is a Game Changer

Women of all ages express a strong desire to remain viable in the area of sexual pleasure. As feminine wellness and power have progressed, more women are finding their voice and opening up about the fact that sex is for them as much as it is for their partners. Therefore, when sexual experiences become uncomfortable due to vaginal atrophy, a woman’s quality of life can significantly diminish. Vaginal rejuvenation can change the way a woman feels as her body transforms with time.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is still a relatively new concept so may be misunderstood. This group of procedures and treatments can work in many ways. For example, some women undergo surgical vaginal rejuvenation that mechanically tightens tissue inside the vaginal canal. Surgical technique may also focus on the labia to shorten or otherwise refine these flaps of tissue. Surgical therapies may be beneficial, but they don’t correct all of the issues a woman may face as her shifting hormones affect physical wellness.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation like the CO2RE Intima treatment available in our Houston office has become increasingly popular in recent years. This type of rejuvenation addresses multiple challenges, including weakness in vaginal muscles that inhibits sexual pleasure and persistent vaginal dryness that makes sex uncomfortable.

Let’s Talk about CO2RE Intima

CO2RE Intima is a laser vaginal procedure that is conducted in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. This treatment has been developed to incite natural physical change inside the vaginal canal through the use of controlled energy. During treatment, the entire vaginal lining is targeted with gentle energy. As a result, the body floods treated tissue with collagen. Collagen is the protein that supports a firm, stable scaffolding of connective tissue beneath the epidermis, even in the vagina. With age, collagen deteriorates, which is why we notice crow’s feet and jowls and, yes, vaginal laxity to the point of incontinence.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation incurs no downtime and works progressively over time. A few treatments may be needed to obtain optimal results. Once laxity has been corrected, periodic treatments can be obtained to sustain long-term vaginal health.

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