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MiraDry for this Holiday Season

Summertime may be behind us, but if you are one who would describe yourself as a little more than “dewy,” we should talk. Throughout the warm summer months, we have a natural expectation that we will sweat. As the temperature drops, most people’s sweat glands return to a pretty slow pace. If yours have not, you may be affected by overactive sweat glands. This is referred to as hyperhidrosis, a frustrating problem for which no cause has been pinpointed.

If you sweat easily and intensely, you may be only minimally interested in finding out why your body functions the way that it does. When we meet people who complain of excessive sweating under the arms, what they really want to know is how to stop the problem; and this gives us the opportunity to talk about miraDry.

What is miraDry?

Historically, excessive sweating has had very few solutions. At best, a person may be prescribed an ultra-strong antiperspirant from their doctor. After Botox was developed as a cosmetic treatment, its use quickly expanded into a remedy for excessive sweating. Though useful, Botox injections only achieve temporary results. Through research and evolving technology, we have come into a new era of treating hyperhidrosis, one that works quickly and delivers lasting effects. MiraDry represents a significant advance in dermatologic treatment.

A procedure that is performed in the office setting, miraDry is a platform that utilizes electromagnetic energy to disable sweat glands. Treatment involves passing a small handpiece over the skin of the underarm area, allowing electromagnetic waves to permeate through superficial tissue to the depth where sweat glands reside. The contact between the energy and sweat glands results in controlled heating and gland destruction.

Benefits of miraDry

Excessive sweating is a problem that can degrade your general sense of confidence. While there are situations in which a little extra sweating can be expected, such as a big presentation at work or during times of intense emotional stress, overactive sweat glands just don’t seem to know when to turn off. MiraDry treatment is fast-acting, comfortable, and safe. It provides relief from excessive sweating in social situations and, thus, freedom from the embarrassment that sweating has caused.

With the holiday season and its social gatherings on the horizon, now is a great time to start thinking about a permanent solution to excessive sweating. Learn more about miraDry treatment. Call our Houston office at (713)955-6560.