MiraDry 101

Call me naïve but I didn’t know how MiraDry worked or if it would even benefit me. I’d seen the ad for MiraDry in a magazine and of course the ad has flashed on television a few times. I tuned out after all the disclaimers as most of us do and never gave MiraDry much thought.

Flash forward a few scorching Texas summers later and a MiraDry system was literally delivered to the practice front door. Our MiraDry representative came by to introduce herself to the practice and gave us all the usual talk about how this procedure is life changing.

My initial reaction was a tiny bit on the skeptical side. I still wasn’t convinced that I could possibly be the ideal candidate for MiraDry. First, my underarm work out shirt looks nothing like the post work out shirt pictures in the advertising. To be honest, I hate to sweat so I don’t really do intense work outs. Secondly, I’ve been using clinical strength deodorant for years. In fact, so many years that now that I’m forced to think that far in the past I’ve come to realize my last non-clinical strength deodorant was Teen Spirit.

Anyone with the time or patience to read through clinical studies is welcome to research MiraDry. I don’t have either of those things, so I decided to try something safely on myself. For the first time since boy bands were still popular, I went without clinical strength deodorant. I also went a weekend without any type of deodorant. Here’s what I learned:

  1. I have an odor issue.
  2. It’s too hot in Texas to skip deodorant.
  3. I was extremely uncomfortable that I was able to smell my underarms over really expensive perfume.
  4. I was embarrassed when I reached up to grab something at the grocery store and I could feel and smell my sweaty underarms.

So what is MiraDry?

  1. It’s an FDA-cleared device.
  2. It’s non-surgical. No incisions are made.
  3. The provider will numb your underarms with a lidocaine solution to make sure that you don’t feel ANYTHING during the procedure.
  4. Microwave technology aka miraWave pulses are delivered via a handpiece directly under the arms. These miraWave pulses destroy the sweat and odor glands.

Yes, it’s that simple. I couldn’t feel anything for the first few hours after the procedure. I took a little over the counter anti-inflammatory medication and put ice packs under my arms the first night. The second day I felt a little sore. It felt sore due to the heaviness from the fluid retention. By day three my underarms were still swollen but not uncomfortable.

I was a little worried about destroying the sweat glands under my arms. Sweat helps us regulate our body temperature, right? Well, we have sweat glands in numerous places throughout our body. The destruction of our underarm sweat glands doesn’t prevent the rest of our body from sweating. After treatment I still find myself searching for a deodorant out of habit. Thanks to MiraDry, I can safely shrug my shoulders and walk right out of the door without it.

– Priscilla Robledo, Practice Manager at River Oaks Gynecology & Aesthetics

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