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Laser Hair Removal: There’s Still Time to Benefit Before Summer

Throughout the winter months, we tend to see a sharp increase in laser beauty treatments. Pretty much anything that can get you ready for a gorgeous summer is a good treatment to schedule in the winter. Laser hair removal is one of them.

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who enjoy the freedom that winter brings. Because you’re wearing long pants and long sleeves more often, there’s less of a need to shave, wax, and otherwise groom away unwanted hair. In just a few more weeks, though, you may wish you had acted sooner on those stubborn hairs that just keep coming back. We can put an end to the hassle and pain of hair removal for you by performing laser hair removal here in our Houston office.

Why You Don’t Want to Wait:

Your Pale Winter Skin is Ideal for Laser Hair Removal

Most of us can’t wait for summer. By the time the weather permits, we’re completely over the pale blanket of skin that covers our body. The thing is, laser hair removal is preferential to that skin you’re ready to tan. The way that laser hair removal works is by absorbing into the pigment in hair. Studies have shown that the more contrast there is between skin tone and hair color, the more efficiently laser energy is absorbed.

Your Skin Will Appreciate Extra Pampering

Laser hair removal can cause temporary irritation such as a sunburned sensation or itching. When treated skin is exposed to the sun in between laser treatments, the side effects may be intensified. Furthermore, there is a slight risk that UV rays could damage skin that is being treated with a laser device. Getting laser hair removal now means you have ample time to pamper your skin in between treatments without missing out on the sunshine you’ve been craving.

You’ll Get the Results You Want Before Swimsuit Season

Laser hair removal is a process. It takes months to completely treat the hair follicles during every stage of the growth cycle. Treatments are scheduled several weeks apart. While you’ll see much less hair growing after your very first treatment, the more sessions you can get under your belt before summer, the smoother your skin will be when swimsuit season arrives.

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