Bioidentical Hormones Houston, TX

Is Your Thyroid on Point?

Bioidentical Hormones Houston, TXWe are so accustomed to the body doing what it’s supposed to that we hardly think about all that goes into everyday functions. We breathe in; we breathe out. We (hopefully) digest the foods we eat well enough for the body to gain nourishment and, after said nourishment has been absorbed, the body also naturally eliminates what it doesn’t need. In all of this non-thinking about our daily sensations of living, it might be easy to begin looking at certain anomalies as the norm.

Do you look at any of these sensations as a normal part of being you?

  • Fast heart rate or heart palpitations.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Difficulty concentrating or foggy thinking.
  • Afternoon nap, anyone?

This is a (very) short list of indications that your thyroid may not be functioning well. It is estimated that approximately 20 million people have some degree of thyroid dysfunction. However, formal diagnoses for thyroid problems are lacking. Lack of knowledge is one reason this may be. Another reason is that labs and health organizations may be quite a bit off in terms of what is considered “normal range.” For example, in many documents, the “normal range” for TSH is .35 to 5.0. For the thyroid to function at its best, TSH should be in its “optimal range” of 1.8 to 3.0.

Why Your Thyroid Matters

The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that has a prominent role in the body. The thyroid is in a lifelong relationship with the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Between the three, there is an active feedback loop. When an irregularity develops in the thyroid, such as the insufficient production of thyroxine (T4), the hypothalamus is forced into stimulation mode to produce its own hormone, thyrotropin to offset the lack of t4 output in the thyroid gland itself. This is a safety mechanism that should not continue. If it does, the loop of stimulation and production between the thyroid, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus declines further with time. And where there is a decline in thyroid health, there is likely dysregulation of vital hormones that support optimal energy, mood, sexual function, and more.

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