Is UltraShape What Your Shape Needs?

Summer is pretty much here, if we look at the beautiful weather around us. That means we’re getting serious about how we look in shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. If you’ve nearly reached your goal in terms of your weight, and are generally healthy but dealing with stubborn fat, you may be looking for a little help to get you past your plateau. UltraShape may be it. In our Houston office, patients can choose between this fat-reducing treatment or CoolSculpting. They may achieve similar results but they don’t work in the same ways. Here, we discuss what to expect from UltraShape.

What Is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a noninvasive treatment for body contouring. It is designed to eliminate the stubborn fat that tends to accumulate in the thigh and belly areas. There is no liposuction involved in UltraShape, no incisions, and no anesthesia. Patients do not need to schedule time off for recovery because the technology works in concert with the body rather than invasively to manually remove fat cells. In addition to the abdomen and thighs, UltraShape is often performed on the flanks, buttocks, and hips. 

The way that UltraShape works is by melting fat cells. During a session, fat is targeted with ultrasound technology. The skin and muscle are unaffected by this modality but, when ultrasound waves hit fat cells, the walls break down. The fat is converted into triglycerides, which are naturally and safely flushed by the body. With dismantled walls, the affected fat cells are damaged and are eliminated. They do not come back so the chances of maintaining good results after treatment are high. Patients must remember that weight gain from eating too many calories causes fat cells to expand. While there are fewer fat cells in the targeted area after UltraShape, those that remain can grow larger. 

What UltraShape Treatment is Like

The first step in body contouring treatment is to consult with an experienced professional. We conduct a thorough consultation with our body contouring patients because we have more than one modality available and it is important that we provide accurate information to each patient based on their desired outcome. They can then decide which approach would best suit them. Before commencing with the initial UltraShape session, the provider may take pictures of the treatment area. They then apply gel to the skin. This helps to transmit the ultrasound waves through superficial tissue to the layer of adipose fat. The ultrasound transducer moves over the treatment area to deliver the appropriate amount of energy to disrupt fat cells. This may feel like tingling.

The average patient may need about three UltraShape sessions to achieve the best results. These occur at two-week intervals, between which small changes can be seen little by little. Some patients notice mild to moderate bruising in the treatment area. This typically resolves in about a week. 

Your summer body is within reach. Contact our Houston office at (713)955-6560 to schedule your body contouring consultation.