How Fractional Resurfacing can Support Healthy, Youthful Skin

Fractional laser resurfacing Houston, TXMany of the cosmetic signs of aging that cause us excessive amounts of stress can be traced back to one thing: chemistry. The skin is one of the first places that we see the effects of biological changes in the body. Being the largest organ, the skin will show signs of even minute fluctuations in health. As it relates to cosmetic aging, it is the body’s decrease in production of collagen and elastin that presents a challenge.

Over the years, science has discovered the tremendous value of collagen, elastin, and other nourishing chemicals such as hyaluronic acid. Discovery has led to innovation which, to our benefit, is now commonly available to address various cosmetic concerns. In some cases, technology can correct multiple concerns simultaneously. Fractional laser resurfacing is a prime example.

How Fractional Resurfacing Works

Originally, laser skin resurfacing involved removing the uppermost layers of tissue with a CO2 laser. Effective, yes; and also risky. Traditional CO2 resurfacing removed all tissue across the first several layers of the skin. Today, we have a gentler approach: fractional laser resurfacing.

In our Houston practice, fractional laser resurfacing is performed with the ResurFX™ device by Lumenis. Using this technique, the experienced provider can create control injury to the skin. These injuries look like microscopic channels that penetrate the uppermost layers of the dermis. Energy targets deeper layers of tissue in a pattern that spares a substantial portion of the epidermis. Why? Because this enhances the healing response.

When tiny channels penetrate the outer layer of tissue with thermal energy, collagen production increases significantly. At the same time, because only a fraction of the surface is ablated with laser energy, there are fewer side effects. After a ResurFX treatment, patients can expect slight redness that resembles a sunburn. Some patients also develop swelling. Within 24 to 48 hours, though, the skin is healed and ready to reveal a healthy new glow. For months after treatment, increased collagen production continues to improve the tightness and radiance of the epidermis.

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