How Do I Know Which Juvéderm is Right for Me?

When you hear the name Juvéderm, you may imagine a single product that is used to smooth lines and wrinkles. This is only natural, seeing that the entire family of Juvéderm products tends to be referred to as the brand name itself. When you discover that there are several different Juvéderm fillers, you may feel overwhelmed. With so many options, how are you supposed to know which product you need to achieve your cosmetic goals? You’re not; at least, not by yourself. We understand that a lot of our patients want to know more about the different Juvéderm fillers we use and why. We’ll break it down here.

There are two ranges of Juvéderm products used today. The first is made using Hylacross technology. This range includes:


The more recent range of products to be developed are made using Vycross technology. This range includes:


Before the development of these new “Vol-something” products, Ultra and Ultra Plus were used for many of the same concerns. Today, we more often see cheek augmentation done with Juvéderm Voluma and lip augmentation done with Volbella. Does that mean these products are always better, though? No.

Small but Significant Differences

All Juvéderm fillers are made with hyaluronic acid. They all work by trapping water molecules in the skin for some time. To hold water molecules, it is necessary to cross-link particles of hyaluronic acid together. This prevents the body from breaking the product down too quickly.

The earlier selection of Juvéderm products made using Hylacross technology. This includes cross-linking particles of hyaluronic acid that are all the same weight. Vycross technology binds together particles of higher and lower molecular weight. This arrangement gives products unique properties, including:

  • May spread a little less than Hylacross products but is still soft
  • Can be injected into slightly deeper layers of skin to smooth more prominent creases
  • Can last up to several months longer than Hylacross products

It should not be assumed that newer Juvéderm products are better than Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. While properties may differ, there are unique advantages to the selection of Juvéderm fillers available today. This is one more reason why it is vital to choose a knowledgeable, experienced provider for dermal filler treatment.

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