Bioidentical Hormones Houston, TX

Hormones are Like Super-Juice for the Body

In recent years, a lot has been said about the value of hormones for the middle-aged individual. Even with the advances that have been made in medicine, there are still challenges to overcome. Primarily, we need to first become aware (as patients and as healthcare professionals) of the immense need for hormonal balance. Here, we want to discuss what happens to our hormones as we age, what the consequences of hormonal change are, and what we can do about it.

The backstory: Just in case you’re not aware of this, the youthful body is one that is abundant in various hormones. Jokes have been made about the “raging hormones” of the teenage years, but there is more value to higher levels of testosterone, estrogen, and other vital hormones than frustrations like acne and moodiness.

Age makes our hormones fade away. Why wouldn’t it? At some point, we don’t need those sex hormones that provide us with fertility – at least Mother Nature seems to think so. In real life, we have learned that our everyday quality of life is intrinsically tied to hormonal balance. Therefore, we have set off in search of ways to achieve this in light of the natural aging process.

Why we need hormone balancing with age.

It isn’t that we need ultra-high levels of hormones throughout our entire life; it’s that we need balance. With diminished hormones come quite a few concerns about our health and wellness. You may recognize a few and be surprised by others:

  • Diminished sex drive.
  • Sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction or painful intercourse due to vaginal atrophy.
  • Cranky, achy joints.
  • Decline in cognitive abilities, like remembering where you put your keys.
  • Increase in anxiety and depression.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Loss of skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Adrenal fatigue.
  • Weight gain, regardless of healthy eating.

Hormone Replacement to the Rescue

Hormone replacement therapy, HRT, somewhat earned a reputation several years ago when the hazards of synthetic hormones became apparent. At the same time, there is no arguing that hormone balancing could stall or even reverse some of the consequences of aging. Enter bioidentical hormones or BHRT.

We are a proud provider of Biote bioidentical hormone treatment. This pellet method of hormone replacement is developed around each patients’ individual needs based on lab work performed before treatment. The customization of prescribed estrogen, progestin, and/or testosterone has a high safety rating and also a track record of success, as reported by patients who have regained vitality in multiple areas of their lives.

Learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement and how it can give you back your most vibrant self. Call our Houston office at 713-955-6560.