Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

As wintertime holidays approach, many of us quickly become inundated with extra tasks. Now, these tasks may be fun and filled with joy, like shopping with a Bestie. Some may feel mundane, like setting up the guest bedroom or picking up relatives from the airport. Regardless of what’s coming up on each of our plates, there are good reasons to take a breath and consider what might bring a smile to our face. One thing we often hear from patients as the holidays approach is that they are going to take care of their beauty concerns. Not another season is going to come and go with them looking tired or older than they feel in all those pictures. If you’ve expressed something along those lines, we want to encourage you to act.

There is something interesting about wanting to look our best for the holidays. Treatments are most certainly not hard to find. That’s not the problem. What happens is we get busy. We think we’ve got time to schedule that Botox appointment and then, bam!, the holiday party has arrived. Or, we start to tell ourselves that, with only a few weeks until gift-giving, we have others to think about besides ourselves. Blah, blah, blah. You may have grown tired of that voice in your head that says such things. Take away it’s airtime; call our Houston office to see how you can get your beauty pick-me-up on the books sooner rather than later.

What Does One Do To Look Gorgeous for the Holidays, Anyway?

Beauty boosts may be much easier than one could ever imagine. Some of the treatments that are commonly scheduled at this time of year include:

  • Botox, to ease frown lines and make the face look friendlier.
  • Dermal fillers, for plumper lips, more rounded cheeks, and a younger vibe.
  • Acne facials for teens and young adults.
  • Advanced corrective chemical peel treatment addresses multiple concerns at once (only about 3 days of flaking or peeling).
  • Microneedling to boost the skin’s circulation and collagen production.
  • IPL treatment to reduce sun damage and redness.

Is there possibly anything that could make a festive season brighter than beauty? We think not! To learn more about our services, call 713.955.6560.