Don’t Be Held Back by Light Bladder Leakage

We talk with our doctors about many health-related issues. Light bladder leakage, also called stress urinary incontinence, is a topic that may not be brought up nearly as often as it should. Understandably, many women feel embarrassed about slight urine leakage when they sneeze or laugh or try to exercise. Furthermore, due to a lack of awareness for many years, followed by a lack of viable solutions for light bladder leakage, many women wrongly believe that their condition is simply a part of life as a woman. We say no.

Stress urinary incontinence is neither a normal part of aging to accept nor is it reserved for older women. According to studies, as many as one in three women in their twenties and thirties may leak a small amount of urine under physical stress. Approximately 75% of women experience some degree of stress urinary incontinence. This may normalize the condition, which can be good to inform women that they are not alone. But we must do more. First, we must understand why stress urinary incontinence may develop.

Several factors may contribute to stress urinary incontinence in a woman of any age. One is the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. These changes coincide with the weight of the fetus pressing directly on the pelvic floor. To make matters worse, one of the hormonal changes that occurs at this time loosens tissues to prepare for childbirth. The loosening of tissues is necessary and can also create frustrating bladder leakage. The problem may resolve after childbirth and hormonal regulation, but it doesn’t always. Bladder leakage may relate to diet, weight, and, yes, age.

Now for the Solution!

While it can be helpful to know other women may encounter stress urinary incontinence and that the causative factors are all very normal, what our patients want to know is how they can stop light bladder leakage from holding them back in life.

The key is to strengthen the pelvic floor. One way to do this is to perform Kegel exercises; the tightening and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles. Boring! And also very tedious. In our Houston office, we help women regain confidence and freedom from bladder leakage using proven laser technology: CO2RE Intima.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation utilizes gentle CO2 laser energy to bring more collagen into the lining of the vaginal canal. This short, comfortable treatment not only strengthens the muscles in the canal but also improves natural lubrication and sensitivity.

Don’t be held back. Talk with your gynecologist about stress urinary incontinence and the value of CO2RE Intima treatment. Contact us at 713-955-6560.