Choosing the Right Birth Control Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Pregnancy prevention is something that most women have to think about for a good portion of their lives. Because every woman is unique and has particular lifestyle habits and goals, one form of birth control can’t suit everyone. Options are a vital necessity when it comes to pregnancy prevention. At River Oaks Gynecology & Aesthetics, we offer the personal care that each of our patients needs to be empowered to choose the birth control that is right for them. Here, we discuss some of the needs that birth control must meet for it to be a good fit.


For birth control to meet your needs, it must efficient, first and foremost. That is the whole intent, right? Efficiency has to do with much more than method. It must also be relatively simple to incorporate into one’s life. For example, birth control pills are considered one of the most effective methods of pregnancy prevention there is. However, this method only works efficiently if it is taken daily as prescribed.


As we pointed out, birth control only works when it is used as directed. As convenient as it sounds to take a little pill every day of the month, this proves to be challenging for many women. When choosing birth control, it is necessary to think about how often it needs to be thought about. Some birth control methods must be thought about every time one has sexual intercourse. Some must be remembered daily, and some not for years.


Different methods of birth control provide varying degrees of prevention in terms of timing. When choosing a form of contraception, a woman also needs to think about when she wants to have children; in one year? Not for several years? This knowledge comes in handy when considering how convenient birth control needs to be. For example, an IUD is a “set it and forget it” method of birth control. However, it is considered more long-term, preventing pregnancy for three to five years.

A Final Note

Female health and wellness must include a well-thought-out plan to prevent pregnancy. The many options that are available through your gynecologist are excellent for birth control but are not effective protection against sexually transmitted infections. In addition to choosing the right birth control, our patients must also remember the value of condoms in applicable situations.

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