Cellulite: It’s Not Your Average Fat

Around this time of year, plastic surgery practices start get inundated with inquiries about liposuction and other fat-reducing treatments. Even here in our Houston gynecology and aesthetics facility, our patients express interest in the permanent removal of stubborn fat. We accommodate requests and help patients feel their best with treatments like CoolSculpting and UltraShape. Each of those procedures is excellent for reducing fat. What needs to be known about them, and liposuction, too, is that they do not get rid of cellulite.

What is cellulite and why is it such a challenge?

Cellulite is fat, but not the normal type of fat that causes the numbers on your scale to rise. This type of fat resides within the connective tissue just beneath the skin. Connective tissue is fibrous and runs perpendicular to the skin’s surface. The way that connective tissue is situated presents a “pull” on the loose collections of fat cells that form within it. That is why we see the rippled effect on the skin.

So, cellulite isn’t necessarily an indication that there is too much fat in an area, it has more to do with the pattern of connective tissue beneath the surface. It is for this reason that liposuction and other fat-reducing techniques are minimally effective against cellulite, if at all.

But there’s hope.

If you want to bid farewell to cellulite before the summer months of poolside lounging and living in a bathing suit and shorts, we’ve got you covered so you can uncover. In our Houston office, we tackle cellulite with ThermiSmooth.

ThermiSmooth is an innovative skin-tightening platform based on controlled radiofrequency energy. Clinical studies have proven that this type of energy is effective in subdermal heating tissues, including fat cells. To a certain degree, radiofrequency affects these cells, causing natural metabolization that eliminates them for good. More importantly, the collagen fibers that are an important structure within connective tissue react to controlled heating by tightening.

The constriction of existing collagen is advantageous and one of the reasons we perform ThermiSmooth. However, the positive effects continue. After radiofrequency treatments, the body produces more collagen for the treatment area. This rebuilds aging structures for long-term tightening and smoothing.

We understand what frustrating problem cellulite can be. Let us help you enjoy smoother skin this summer. Call 713-955-6560 to learn more about ThermiSmooth.