Bathing Suit Season is Almost Here and We’re Offering a Few Healthy Weight Loss Tips to Help You Prepare

Weight loss is something that enters many people’s minds at some point. Now that there are sunnier, warmer days in the very near future, we’re getting a lot of requests for body contouring help. What better way to support your confidence than by implementing workable strategies that not only help you lose weight but also improve the way you feel on a daily basis?

Here, we discuss a few proven steps that can take off the calorie-counting wheel. This outline is great for people whose willpower may not be iron-clad and who want to find something they can stick with. The following tips can facilitate weight loss without the unending hunger many diets demand. At the same time, these strategies improve metabolic health, which keeps your body in adequate fat-burning, energy-producing mode.

Step 1 – Reduce starches and sugars.

A different way to say this is to cut back on carbs. Multiple studies have suggested that lowering carb intake instead of fat intake leads to better results and a better mood while doing it. Why? Because fat is more filling. Just stick to healthy fats like those in nuts, avocado or avocado oil, coconut oil, and ghee. Studies have also demonstrated that, when we reduce carbs like bread, pasta, chips, and cookies, our insulin levels naturally decrease. Cutting carbs forces the body to burn stored fat for energy, resulting in consistent weight loss.

Step 2 – Create meals with protein, vegetables, and fat.

Step two really facilitates step one. When each meal is constructed from protein, vegetables, and fat, the carb content of each goes way down. There are so many food choices in this paradigm that there is virtually no chance of getting bored – or hungry! Quality proteins include eggs, fish and seafood, pork, lamb, chicken, beef, and other lean meats. Examples of vegetarian sources of protein include green peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and tofu. Low-carb vegetables include cauliflower, spinach, kale, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, and many more. Cauliflower pizza, anyone?

Step 3 – Resist, Resist, Resist!

We don’t mean resist temptation, we mean add some resistance training into your workout routine. You don’t need a gym to get a decent muscle-toning workout. Do a monthlong plank challenge and perform squats, calf raises, and lunges three times a week. Strength training goes hand-in-hand with weight loss because muscles require lots of energy to tone, which increases fat-burning metabolism.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be an impossible chore, and it doesn’t have to be something you do alone. The team at River Oaks Gynecology & Aesthetics provides medical weight loss services in our Houston office to see patients through their body-shaping journey. For more information, call 713.955.6560.