Anti-Aging is Aided by Professional Skincare

Dermal Fillers, Houston, TXOver the past several years, our interest in anti-aging has seemingly risen to a whole new level. It isn’t that humans weren’t concerned with the cosmetic effects of aging before the development of injectables and laser treatments; it’s that it has become easier and easier for us to manage our aging process without having to take extraordinary measures. If you find yourself hanging in the balance of anti-aging, concerned with how changing body chemistry will affect your appearance but not ready to jump into the use of injectables or cosmetic surgery, now is a great time to start paying close attention to what you put on your skin.

Professional Skincare is Like Medicine for Your Skin

When you become interested in how to preserve and promote skin health, everything you put on and everything you put in matters. From the inside out, the skin is supported by nutrients such as avocados, walnuts, salmon, and vitamin E supplements. Some people also consume collagen protein supplements. From the outside in, we encourage men and women of all ages to become equally mindful of ingredients. The clinical perspective on skincare products is that medical-grade formulations are more advantageous because they are made for a specific reaction when absorbed into the epidermis.

First things first, though. Before we can discuss the value of any skincare product, we have to point out that the skin is a surface that must be ready to receive. The outermost layer of tissue on the epidermis is referred to as the stratum corneum. This layer of skin is largely made up of dead and dying cells. If not removed, these cells will stand in the way of product efficacy. Therefore, a successful anti-aging regimen should begin with an in-office chemical peel. Patients of our Houston practice can expect a chemical peel service to be customized to their needs and preferences. After this initial treatment, an ongoing skin care routine can be developed using SkinCeuticals cleansers, moisturizers, and serums.

The reason we say that professional skincare is like medicine for your skin is that products like those in the SkinCeuticals line have been developed through comprehensive research and clinical testing. Every ingredient in a professional-grade product is selected based on its ability to support the brightness, texture, and elasticity of the skin. Because these products are formulated with proprietary ingredients, they are only available in clinical settings under the personal supervision of an aesthetic specialist. 

You don’t have to keep guessing about your skincare routine. Get assistance from our experienced staff and product recommendations based on a comprehensive consultation and skin assessment. Call 713.955.6560 to schedule your visit.